Blue Crush…the Movie

I will admit, every Summer I’ll watch the surfer chick movie Blue Crush, starring Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake. It’s great to watch especially after a fun surf in the morning. The Summer thunderstorms move into this area in the late afternoon/evening, so it’s nice to just kick back and watch a movie then.

In this movie, the best actress award goes to Keala Kennelly, who plays herself. She’s an incredibly talented big wave surfer, and an inspiration for so many- including myself. I’ll never ride the terrifying waves that she does, but she proves what is possible. She’s had to endure her share of the Good Ole Boys’ club growing up (I can relate), but her unwavering commitment to the sport in the face of all these obstacles keeps her a REAL hero in women’s surfing, no Hollywood required.

Hollywood has yet to come up with a more thrilling scene as this one of Keala in Tahiti:
Keala at Teahupo’o
In my favorite scene from Blue Crush, she warns the main character- played by Kate Bosworth- not to hold back nor hesitate when going for a wave, or she will “eat shit.”

Well, that’s an interesting life philosophy. And I 

didn’t have to read any Deepak Chopra or The Secret to get there. Schweet. If you go into something halfway committed, you’ll end up far worse off in the end. However, if you don’t try, there will never be any success. Applies to many things, not just catching the next wave. Deep.
All I know is Blue Crush made women’s surfing more than “Gidget Enters a Surfing Competition.” Blue Crush showed that women were also committed and dedicated to the sport of surfing just as much as the men were. I think the real Gidget (Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman) would be okay with this changing acceptance of women as more than a novelty within surfing.
After all, the real Gidget probably wants to be known as one of the Most Influential People in Surfing (#7, according to Surfer)- not for supposedly chasing after the local Malibu surfer boys.
The real Gidget….

The marketable Gidget (played by Sally Field)….


My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: After Surf Change of Clothes

Several years ago, I had a good friend read me the Riot Act because she had asked me to lunch after surfing, and I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a change of clothes in my car. I missed out on a free lunch, but I remembered her words: ALWAYS keep a change of clothes in my car just in case you need to go somewhere after surfing.

She had a great point.

So, with that sage advice, I now keep a roll of clothes packed in my car at all times. Synthetics are your friend in this case, since even a good rinsing after surfing will still leave you damp and a little crusty. Synthetics like Lycra can be useful to hide any lingering ocean on your skin as well.

Most of the time I keep in reserve:

  • A bikini– You never know if you may want to surf again later, and I can use them as underwear ya know….
  • Capilene Knit T-Shirt- I got this from Patagonia, and it’s great if I’m a little damp still, since the material is similar to Lycra,
  • Billabong Submersible Boardshorts– They look polished and respectable, but again, they dry quickly (and can be used in a later sesh),
  • OR, A Lycra Cover -Up Dress– these are handy to have for surfer gals in a pinch since they’re a quick way to look nice with some nice sandals. I bought mine for $15 at an outlet store. They have tons.
  • Back-up Flip Flops- Either a nice pair of sandals to go with my change of clothes, or a water pair. I’ve had my flip flops stolen a few times. Once by a large crow. No lie.

For my current pack, I used a microfiber hair drying towel (very useful for drying hair without a blow dryer) and roll my clothes into a tight jelly roll for packing. Keeps the clothes relatively wrinkle free, and takes up less space.

I keep my summertime changing towel, my clothes roll, some deodorant wipes (see the pic), and some 

back up flip flops in a plastic tote that has seen A LOT of use. The handles make it easy to take dirty laundry into the house later also.

Boom! My kit’s done!

With the exception of a few odd items for events or trips, that should cover most of my regular Summer surf and paddleboarding needs, yet I still have some room in my trunk and the backseat. Score.

My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: DIY Rinse Off Station

So the next thing I keep in the back of the Mirthmobile is a Pressurized Sprayer filled with water to rinse off with after surfing. I made this smaller 2 gallon size to fit in this model hatchback. See how to make your own in this DIY project, where I refitted a 5 gallon weed sprayer like this.

I also used an old plastic paper filing container (without the lid) to put the portable surf shower into just in case the nozzle leaks a little water. The bin also serves as a catch-all for those lovely bits of treasure people leave behind on the beach. Pick up your damn trash, people.

I found this red Solo cup floating in the water when I paddled out yesterday, at least now it can be recycled.

So here’s what the trunk ends up looking like so far with my surf gear:

Still plenty of room for lots more surf crap. I just wish we’d get some waves. We’ve had a solid few days of some dismal flatness.

My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: Surf Gear and Organizer

There’s nothing I hate more than getting to da Beach, and I forget something, or my gear breaks right as I’m going out to surf. 
Well, I also really hate it when it happens to other surfers too, since pissed-off surfers equals less stoke in the lineup, therefore less FUN for all. Then, it’s just a vicious spiral into the 7th Pit of Gnarnia.

So, I’ve always tried to keep a few spare items and tools handy in the Mirthmobile as a just-in-case- for everyone’s sake, not just me. It’s like I’m the Sea-Tow of surfing for the Cocoa Beach surf community if someone can find me. I hate crowds.

To store all this in the surfmobile, I use a modified over the door organizer (my original project’s here), cut a little short so it works in the Sexy Hatchback. I also stabilized it with a wood dowel threaded through the top casing.
My Surf Kit Organizer Stuff:

  • An extra fin or two just in case one gets eaten by sharks,
  • A Save-A-Surf Kit,
  • A Fin Tool Kit,
  • My FCS screw keychain,
  • Wax,
  • A couple of hats and/or hair ties, and a wet brush- all of these are useful to keep on hand in Summer,
  • Suntan Lotion (OF COURSE!),
  • A 6 ft leash, and a 9 foot leash to insure I’m covered if I’m on a funshape or longboard/SUP,
  • Extra Sunglasses and extra contacts for when I sometimes lose a contact if I wipeout super gnarly brah!

Here’s how it looks without my other gear……

It stays out of the way in the trunk nicely, and frees up some more space for me in general to put MORE crap in it. Hint of more posts to come….

Yeah, I guess you could use it for Teddy Grahams and Diaper Wipes too, but these items are a lot more FUN.

My Car’s Summer Surf Kit Stuff: Upcycled Surf Wax Holder

Starting off the Summer Kit right- with plenty o’ WAX!
I’ve done a few projects using the original paper surf wax boxes and brand labels, including this, this, and this (clicky, they’re awesome).
Since I like to save these in decent to good Still going strongcondition for crafting, I’ll use my wax pouch I made for a bar that’s readily accessible in the front seat pocket. Then, I’ll keep a few boxes tucked away, where the boxes themselves won’t get as damaged.

This year, I wanted to be more efficient and streamlined in my surf kit, so I grabbed

Empty Box

the empty Kleenex cylinder my In-Laws just finished up. It’s thick cardboard, with a partial lid (there was an opening for the tissue, of course). 

I discovered that it fit seven Sex Wax bars perfectly! If you broke the Sticky Bumps into halves, it would also fit several bars as well. The Sex Wax bars, if they are whole, will not fall out with the outer rim on, but I made a little cover from one of the wax boxes by sealing it and laminating it with packing tape.

Made a cover to insert into the lid rim

Without their labels and boxes, this can hold a lot of wax!


No worries about stocking my car with wax this Summer AT ALL. Yes, even if it’s hot, the wax will be in an opaque cardboard container AND the Warm/Tropical Wax (like we use here in Florida right now) is a harder formula of wax so it will be less likely to melt. And points for recycling and avoiding more plastic.
You could stop there, or you could bedazzle it, like I did:

Painting the cardboard tube with acrylic craft paint

Once you pop….I like Sour Cream and Onion. Can you tell?

Now, some of you are WAY ahead of me. I guess you’re right, it could be made into a coin bank to save for the gnar-gnar surf trip of yo dreamz……

“But the BRO-chure said this was the ‘Land of Surfers'”

My Car’s Summer Surf Kit: A Series

Every Summer, I like to put together a kit to keep in my car with stuff that can be helpful when I go surfing, or when I’m finished surfing and need to go somewhere afterwards. I never want to pass up a chance to surf or paddleboard if I’m feeling good (chronic headaches, boo), AND it’s Summer, so I’d better be prepared like a Girl Scout when those stars align.

Not my car, but nice paint job

So, I thought it would be fun to share what I typically throw into My Car’s Summer Kit to prepare for pre-surfing, surfing, and post-surfing. I’m also going to include some new little projects and hacks I’ve added this Summer to upgrade my kit without spending a ton of extra cash. 
Anywho, I hope you enjoy this upcoming little series about the surf crap in my car. Really.

I’m SOOOOOO much better now, I swear

Have I told you lately how much I really appreciate you folks reading this? You’ve got patience. Go ahead, buy that Meyerhoffer you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it.

Glad you don’t take yourself too seriously either. It’s a good thing.

This looks like my setup!

Post Surf Spray

Like I said yesterday, Aloe Vera should be in every surfer’s home somewhere. Bonus points if you grow it fresh, there’s no better remedy for salt dried skin.

And it’s supposed to be good for your hair, too. Figures. If it’s good for your skin, it should stand to reason it’s good for your hair. I read somewhere that Aloe Vera “stimulates” hair growth. Not sure if I buy that, but my bleached out blonde hair is always in need of some moisture, otherwise it just looks like straw.
I’m not a high maintenance surfer chick, so I came up with an easy recipe to use after surfing (or whateva!) to spritz on your hair to help it from getting too dried out. I’ve been using it on my face too throughout the day also, since my skin dries out so quickly anymore. Sucks getting older.

I harvested some fresh Aloe from my plants for this. I don’t like to take too much at a time since Aloe won’t keep well without refrigeration. I’m just going to make small batches of spritz at a time, so I can keep it in the bathroom. I’ll whip up more as needed.

I used an old 4 ounce spray bottle I saved from a fancy pants hair spritz I’ve tried before. But that had probably had some strange chemicals, so I made sure to wash it out well.

Post Surf Spray Recipe

Using my little bowl, I mixed together:

  • 1/2 a heaping tablespoon of room temperature Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 a heaping tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel, diced
  • 3-6 drops of Lor-Ann Pineapple Flavoring (for aroma)
  • 1/4 tablespoon of sea salt
  • Almost 4 oz. Distilled water to fill up the rest of my bottle

Shake Well!

A spoon works great to scrape out Aloe gel from the leaf- you may need to dice up the gel a bit with a knife

    Unrefined Coconut Oil smells REALLY good, but if you just want the Pineapple smell, go with Refined

    Reusing an old spray bottle, and I like using distilled water for this project

    You can find this where they sell specialty baking stuff, like Michael’s or JoAnn’s

    I’m using the water to help thin and mix the Aloe, Oil, and flavoring a bit better

    Added just a little sea salt

    Shake it like a Polaroid picture

    This is the rest of the Aloe Vera gel to go into the fridge

    Love it!

    This will last about three days, and then I’ll make another batch with the Aloe in the fridge. The stuff works great, and smells good too.

    Jeff King was kind enough to take pics of us surfer chicks at the Pier today. I’ll call it Craptacular Wednesday. Here’s one of me doing one of my classic stall maneuvers. Because I can’t bear going fast like the young whippersnappers. I’m such a wuss.

    Why you stallin’???