Leash Detangler

Ok, so I’ve seen where having a little weight on the leash, moving freely, can prevent it from snaring on your leg or ankle when you’re going to take off on a wave. I would love having this on one of my longer leashes for my longboard since it always seems I’ve got the leash wrapped around me on the best waves.
I thought about how I could do this on one of my existing leashes. I went to the hardware store (or you can check your garage) for two rubber o-rings, like the ones used in plumbing. I used o-rings with 1 1/8″ outside diameter, and a 1″ inside diameter. Essentially, I tried to find ones that were thin enough to stretch over the end of the leash, but wouldn’t slip off once on.

Two o-rings over leash end.

 Once I got them over the board leash attachment end, I needed a way to keep them together, add some weight, but not damage my board. For this, I thought hemp macrame might work. I cut one long piece of hemp string and made a simple overhand knot to secure the beginning of my work. From there, I started a series of square knots into a “sinnet” wrapped around the two o-rings. It ends up looking like one of those rings your hippie grandma made to hang the lovely house planter.

Starting overhand knot
Once the sinnet is completed the entire way around, I did a final square knot to complete the circle. I also used some E-6000 industrial and waterproof glue on a q-tip and dab it on the final knot to secure it. The o-rings, now joined together by the square knots, should slide up and down the length of the leash freely, but should not slip off.

Completed sinnet of square knots

Now to go try it out- I like experiments like these! If only we’d get some fun Summer longboard waves soon…..

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