Wax Leavin’ Solution

Ok, on other craft sites, I see a lot of how-to on what to do with soap slivers left over from baths and sinks, so I thought about all the wax bits from using up the bars I have that become just so small that they’re hard to really use effectively to wax up the board, and I always end up with the left over bit becoming a big blob leavin’ somewhere on the board, or left somewhere on the shelf to try to mash with other bits into a waxy cake to use later.
Well, I had this neat little ice cube tray I got at Ikea for like a buck, that makes those long, skinny ice cubes, like you’d use in sports drink bottles. Then, I thought, WAX CRAYONS!!
Instead of microwaving the wax down, I just let it melt into the forms outside by shaving and cutting up little chunks of wax with a knife and letting them sit in the sun to melt into the tray.

After it melted in, I popped the mold into the freezer, and voila! a wax crayon that is fun to use for both adults and kids to wax up the board. This is not recommended for a first wax coat, but is fun when getting ready to go for a surf.
If you get that color wax they have out now, woo hoo.. coloring fun for hours.

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