Leash Tie Cord/ Leash Loop Crafting

When it comes to that little piece of cord that attaches your leash to your board, you have about as many choices of color as a Model A- black, black, and black. All out of nylon too- no “eco” green, or just plain cool materials.
I made my leash loop using a foam Kumihimo disk, which is available at a lot of craft stores these days. It creates a round braid, similar to one you probably did in Summer camp growing up. Basically, with thicker cord material, I do a 8 cord braid, or with thinner cord, I will do a 16 cord braid to make the cord more substantial. Instructions on making the Kumihimo braid are usually included in the package, but they can also be found here. Here’s one I created using mercerized cotton in a variegated purple.

8 strand braid in cotton

 The fun part is coming up with color combos and using different materials to create a loop. Just make sure that the material you use can withstand saltwater and the conditions you will be using your board in. Cotton cord can be used in smaller waves, since the braid makes a strong rope, but keep a check on it often since it can deteriorate, but so can all leash loops. Other good materials are hemp, nylon cord (in colors!), and even in cut up grocery bags, also known in crafting circles as “plarn” (plastic yarn). Once the braid is complete, fold it in half, and put an overhand knot in it. Sometimes I may dot the knot with a bit of E-6000 industrial glue, which is waterproof and will keep the knot tight. The length of the loop you wish to make depends on your surfboard and leash type. Below are a few examples of completed cords:

Freshly made cotton 8 strand loops


Cotton braided leash loop used for several sessions


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