DIY Surf Wax Beach Kit

So I used up the last of my face cleansing wipes, and I was left with this plastic jar that I could:
A) Chuck into the trash (BAD!)
B) Put into the recycling bin (Better)
C) Make a really neat craft out of it!
Of course, I had to choose C!
So this jar is plastic, has a screw on lid, and is large, but not too big to stuff in a large bag. That got me thinking….
Currently, I’ll put my surf wax in a plastic zip bag to keep the sand off, but, well, that’s just ghetto. I’ve seen nifty wax holders with a holder for a comb at the surf shop, but they’re $8-9 bucks! So, I got some wax, and found out I could fit up to three round bars into this jar, plus a stash of emergency cash, keys, and even a stick of face sunscreen! The picture shows two bars of wax stacked behind the jar for reference:

But, I would like to carry a wax comb with me like the ones I’ve seen at the shops, so I got out some foam sheets (like they have in the kid’s crafts section). These sheets are usually only about a millimeter thick, and cut with regular scissors very easily. I measured out a circle of this foam using the jar lid as a guide.

From there, I cut the sides off the circle so I can easily pull the comb out and put it back into the holder. I used E-6000 glue (it’s waterproof!) to glue just a line on the rounded parts of the top a bottom of the circle, being careful not to glue too far in, since I needed room for the comb to be inserted.

I let the foam dry-without the comb in it- for a good 12 hours. After that, it was ready for painting the outside in some cute way!

I used paint pens on the outside, but Sharpies would probably work too. For good measure, I put a piece of clear packing tape over my artwork once it was dry to prevent my sandy fingers from scratching off the paint. I painted “WAX” on mine, since I have a horrible memory….. 🙂

It’s ready to go to the beach crammed full of surfing junk! This won’t get your wax icky, won’t get lost in the surf bag, is a great way to recycle, and most of all, FUN!

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