Fin Covers Part II- Mini Fin Covers

If you are looking for how to make full size fin covers click here!

So my last project for fin covers left me with a lot of little foam scraps that I needed to use up somehow. I thought, mini fin covers would be a great idea, and could be used for a lot of things!
I did the same procedure as before tracing out a shape, only this time, I could go with any fin shape I wanted since I was making a much smaller scale cover. As inspiration, I used this Al Merrick cover that already came with one of my fins:

Blank scrap foam pieces stapled together and full size fin cover

I did my usual stitiching, but I followed my trace line when stitching since I didn’t need to worry about fitting a fin, and I didn’t want to try to erase any pencil marks after I was finished.
Afterwards, I used a small grommet setting tool (shown in the pic below) and set a 1/16″ grommet into the front bottom corner, and even decorated it with a silver Sharpie to look like the full grown version.

Completed mini fin cover decorated and grommeted with ball chain for hanging, keys, etc.
This way, I could use it as a key chain- your keys would never get lost on this- or a rear window ornament, a Christmas ornament, or a Christmas tag on that case of Natty Ice that you are giving to your favorite surf buddy. Hey, at least you will have put a little thought into the tag, if not the gift.

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