Making a Wallhanger out of your Model Dream Board

So if you wanted, you could mount your surfboard model you made from the last project directly to the wall if you left the back flat. Since I put a little skeg on my model, I wanted to make a mount for it. This project is great if your significant other won’t let you mount a full size board on the wall, or you want to pimp your computer room or office cube with a little surf stoke.
I used some scrap 1/8″ plywood and traced a circle using a resin mix cup (that project will be forthcoming…), maybe around 3″ in diameter or so. By cutting this circle out, and cutting out an inner circle about a 1/4″ inside, then cutting the circle in half and giving them a little fine sanding, I will have little display surfboard mounts like these full size ones:

Full size display racks

Cutting the model “display mounts”

I cut a small angle on one end since I’m going to glue these directly on a board I cut and painted. I cut a rectangular piece of plywood about 12″ by 8″ and painted it with acrylic finished with a coat of varnish. before I glued the little racks to the board, though, I glued a thin 1/8″ strip of felt to the inside curve to protect the model from any wood scratches.

Gluing the felt to the inside curve

I then glued the mounts perpendicular to the sheet of plywood, centering them up, and thought a couple of old school posters would look nice on this little wall, so I printed some images of old Duke posters from the internet on photo glossy paper in wallet size, and cut them out to paste them to the board:

Pasting mini posters to the wall

To mount this to the wall, I put some felt along the back sides of the rectangle so it doesn’t scratch the wall paint. You can add a picture mount, or use those 3M adhesive mounts they sell now. The nice thing about this type of display is, you can change up your model boards from time to time depending on what inspires you. Here’s the finished mount on the wall with a couple of different board models shown:

Wilbur gave it back!
Very trippy….

Have fun showing off your board model!

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