Why DIY and Craft for Surfing and Paddleboarding?

Surfing is a great sport- outside the initial cost of a surfboard (insert “buy local” plug here!), you don’t really need too much outside of wax. Stand up paddleboarding is similar, except you need the paddle. SCUBA….well….at least it’s a blast for the cash.

But, many surfers end up enjoying the sport so much, they like to extend their love far past the basics. There’s even surfers and paddleboarders I know who have turned their spaces into full-on museums- if I had the money and space, I would so be there too.

For me, I like extending my love of surfing and many other water sports by way of DIY and crafting. As a plus, I enjoy making something myself, making something that is useful and/or beautiful, having an unique item not mass produced, and surrounding myself with reminders of the fun I have at the beach and in the water, whether I’m a few blocks away or 1000 miles inland (stand up paddleboarding is great on the Tennessee River!).

Crafting is a great way to recycle and upcycle materials too. This has been going on in the surfing culture long before the green fad took hold. I think about some of the first California surfers who left with nothing to explore the waves of Hawaii. They made do with what they had- they made leashes from rope, made traction from melting candles onto the boards, and mended their own baggies since they couldn’t go up to the nearest Macy’s and pick up a pair of new Volcom shorts. Sure, we have it much better now with all the innovations, but I’m an old fashioned chick who likes to go retro just to make sure I don’t take all the great innovations for granted and lose the spirit and love of the sport among all the blur of marketing.

Best of all, it’s just plain fun, especially if it’s flat, bitterly cold, or you have an injury because you were surfing itsy bitsy, all but flat, waves when you don’t have the supple knees anymore to get down in limbo position to keep the board going without having an Honda outboard on the tail. Ahem….hey, it’s just a generic example.

Uh oh, here comes the….

Most of all, ENJOY crafting!!!

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