Wetsuit Neoprene Projects from the Bottom Up: Part 3: Passport Cover

So, at this point, we’re at the back of the knees on the wetsuit from the last projects for a SeaSpecs case and a wallet.

No knees!

I cut off the neoprene up to just below the crotch (this neoprene has been washed well!!!!) And I was left with two odd pieces:

Pieces with some seaming lines around

Not including the seam lines on the neoprene, I saw that I had enough material to make a passport cover or pouch for my surfing trip to Costa. (Yay!)
My new passport has electronics in each cover, and they recommend not to bend the covers because of these chips. So, I was thinking that the traditional type of cover may be a bad idea since it requires bending back the cover to secure it in the side slots, and I’m probably going to be taking out the entire passport out a lot anyways with the higher security.
A standard passport is around 3.5″ by 5″, so I measured out rectangular pieces from these odd shapes of 3.75″ by 5.25″ to give a little room for the thickness of the passport. Luckily, since neoprene doesn’t have a particular nap (direction of the material), I could weasel out these two pieces.

Squaring up edges
Pieces cut out

I decided to have the blue side of the neoprene show on the outside, so I sandwiched the two pieces together with the black sides together, and the blue sides facing out. Once again, I used my handy dandy stapler to pin the pieces together to get ready to sew.

Pieces stapled and ready to sew around 3 sides

To sew the three sides, I used 6 lb smoke colored Fireline (fishing line). Like for the wallet project, I used the blanket stitch techinque around the outside edges to sew three sides of the rectangles together. When I sewed, I tried to keep the stitching line pretty close to the edge since I didn’t have much wiggle room. Whipstitching also can work very well for this project.
When I finished sewing, I knotted off the line, like I did when I started. There was no need to edge finish the opening, since neoprene is heat sealed and will not fray out.
I did need to consider the ease of getting the passport in and out of the pouch, so I cut a little notch out of both sides on the top edge so I can grasp the passport to pull it out of the case. The neoprene makes it fit snug, it doesn’t fall out, and the electronics can stay secure inside with a bit of cushion.

Passport in the pouch

Pulling the passport out of the case


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