Side Bite Fin Rack- Part II

Continued from yesterday…..
Ok, so I had to pick up one more 1/2″ square dowel to complete this project. I finished cutting all the pieces on my Dremel scroll saw, and proceeded to glue these down where I made my marks. I used a quick set cement that would be suitable with wood to glue the pieces.

Pieces glued down

Even though this is not meant to be a perfect piece of wood creation since it was dented scrap, I gave the whole thing a little sanding with a block with 120 grit to prep it up for painting, plus a little sanding in between each slot. I did do a quick test fit with the fins and was happy with the result.
I painted it with standard craft paint I had leftover. Piece of advice- let craft paint go after a while. This stuff I had kept a bit too long, but I used it anyway since I hate to chuck it since it could be used for this fun project. I swear I’m letting it go after this!
After painting, I spray coated the rack with a matte finish sealant. Of course, then I had to paint it. I used a gold Sharpie paint marker.
Here it is:

Rack on the Shelf- room for one more pair!

If you noticed, there is a little space open on the base off to the side. I’m going to use that to solve a pet peeve of mine. Until the next episode….

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