And They Never Said I Had a Fin Screw Loose…to my face.

This quick project complements the Side Bite Fin Rack Project from this week.
One of my pet peeves is those little freaking screws that you have to use with most small fin systems, still. Well, until somebody can mass market something better, I have to keep up with these things, and I don’t like keeping them in the board while the fins aren’t in use since they rust out faster.
Like a lot of you I’m sure, I’ve been keeping these little things in a small container, like an empty prescription bottle, that most active water people have around the house at some unfortunate point in their lives. That’s great, but I have to dig through to find the bottle in my repair box, and even then, I only have a few screws, so I don’t need a honkin big bottle to hold them, and I have to spill all the screws into my hand to get to one, then put them all back in, where I proceed to drop at least one.
I thought a better solution would be to use the prescription bottle lid. It has high sides, but isn’t as deep as the main bottle, holds enough screws, and I can grab one at at time if needed.

Top of a script bottle

Of course, there’s no top on this, so you can’t throw it just anywhere. That’s why I’m going to attach it to the fin rack directly, but not permanently.
I have a corner on my fin rack where this top fits perfectly. I decided to use Velcro to attach the top to the rack base so the little dish stays mounted on the rack, but if I want to take it off to dump them all in my hand, I have the option.
I actually used some more Velcro from the wetsuit I’m using for the Wetsuit Neoprene Projects I’ve been working on (does that count as Project #4 so far I’ve gotten out of that suit???).
I cut a small piece of each side of the Velcro- I don’t want the thing to be so hard to get off the screws go flying- I anticipate using a twisting motion to get the cap off the base with the Velcro.
I glued the loopy half of the neoprene to the base of the fin rack:

Yeah, probably should have used better Velcro, but why let it go to waste?

From there, I glued the other side of the velcro to the top (or bottom as a dish) of the cap:

I think it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month when I got this script, but pink totally works for me!

Once both halves are dry, mount the dish and put your screws inside!

Everything in it’s place

The screws are now with the fins they go with, they are in plain sight, and since they are on a stable rack surface, there’s no need to worry about tipping them over, but you can still take the dish off if needed.
Obviously, you can make a larger Velcro half area and go nuts putting a little Velcro on your fin keys so you have them handy too WITH the fins they go with. Do this with your single fin rack and you’re head may explode from the organization. And organization means: more water time! Yay!

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