DIY Recycled Surfboard Wax Candle

Recently, I decided to do a little wax cleaning on my boards. My 9’2″ needed a wax strip down, and my 6’10” needed stripping for a tail pad I’m going to make for it.
Using a plastic scraper with a handle (so much easier to remove wax with one of these), I started in with this process. Some people like to do this outside in the bright sun, but I’ve found that the wax becomes liquid in a blink of an eye and rolls off the board onto the rails, or onto the garage floor or driveway, where it’s a pain to remove. This way, I have a little control of keeping as much wax as possible for reuse.

Wow, I use a lot of wax.
As I’m working, I’m trying to keep the wax ball together, and I started putting the wax in my working container, which was a old stained plastic microwaveable container. I also found an old glass candle holder that was spent, so I’m going to reuse this for making my candle. MAKE SURE the holder can hold heat and know your candle safety!
Plastic microwaveable container and old candle holder
All of the wax scrapins’ in the container.

After I got all the wax I was going to scrape off the boards (I didn’t put in any residual wax that was removed by other means, only scraped wax).
I put this into the microwave for increments of 1:00 minute, and stirred with a wood chopstick at these increments. As the wax is stirred, the melted, hotter wax will help to melt the rest of the wax. After about 4:00 minutes, this is what the melted wax looked like:

Hot wax- handle CAREFULLY!!

The wax will remain pretty liquid (and hot!) as long as it’s a pretty significant amount.
Get some proper candle wicking material from any craft store- very, very important- the type with a metal base and a stiff wick is best, but you can tie off wicking material to the other chopstick and suspend it from the candle jar.
Start pouring SMALL amounts of the wax into the jar. This part takes patience. The thinner the layer, the quicker the hardening time.

Pouring in small layers

As you go though the wax in the plastic container, you may find that some starts to harden on the sides, or the wax starts to stiffen. Just pop it back into the microwave for a minute and use the stirring chopstick to stir back into a liquid again.
You will find as you get to the dregs of the wax that the wax is pretty much nothing but sand and junk. Don’t pour this in your candle. This can be thrown out, it’s nasty.
So once you’ve finished pouring your layers, let it set. This candle might not be the best choice for a romantic candlelight dinner, but if you have unbearable foot odor that sticks in the wax aroma, this may work as a great outdoor bug deterrent candle. Just remember- don’t let a candle burn unattended, of course.

Keep the plastic container for future wax recycling, it can be used all over again. Don’t become a wax hoarder, though, that’s just messed up- and keep it SURFBOARD wax…..yikes.

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