DIY Board Wax Cleaner on the Cheap

I like the “Pickle” Wax Remover, it’s really a genius idea. But they are expensive, and always come with a wax scraper comb, another piece of plastic I don’t need. However, they are better than using chemicals to get residue off of your board.
Since I’ve had some trouble this week with my foam handplane project, I decided to recycle that foam for this project. Since this foam is a lot like styrofoam that can be found in shipping containers, packaging, etc., this should be a timely project for the holidays since most people will be getting and sending packages.
First, I broke up the foam/styrofoam in chunks:

Chunks of foam

Next, I took a trouser sock to use as the casing. Most guys and gals have a pair of trouser socks which are thinner versions of regular socks, used for dress occasions, with the office suit, etc. A sock that’s been washed and worn many times is even better, since it will be a bit thinner but not so thin it will rip through.

Foam and the white trouser sock

Knot one end of the sock well, and break up the foam into smaller chunks and place inside the sock. When you have quite a bit, make a single knot on the other end, or hold the other end closed.

Sock with styrofoam inside

Next, break down the foam some in the sock. You may even want to play “Homey Don’t Play That” with your sock (if you don’t know this reference, look up In Living Color TV Show). Once it gets broken down more, you’ll probably need to make another knot a bit tighter into the foam as it gets compressed more finely. Even if it’s still kind of grainy, it’ll still work, it doesn’t need to be powder fine ground foam to do the job.

Sock O Foam

After that, scrape the majority of wax off your board, then use this foam ball to get the residue off.

Works pretty well!

Remember to WASH the trouser sock before starting this project. You already have enough random foot leavins’ on your board….ewww.

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