DIY Towel Seat Protector

It’s getting to be that time of year- that time to be wet-suiting up for some (me) to go surf. When it gets cold, I stop being so green and start taking the warm vehicle to the beach equipped with the heater.
When it gets REALLY cold, I’ll get lazy and just get into the car without doffing the wetsuit, it’s just too cold to take the time. The problem is, I’ll get the car seat all salty and nasty, and if I need to take the car back out after cleaning up and putting on a change of clothes, my rear’s and back’s going to be reminded of the cold surf when I get back in the car.
To solve this problem, I take towels and throw them over the seat, but they tend to fall and shift around when I get in and drive, and the seat still gets wet. Bummer.
So, I took a fluffy- but not new- beach towel that was large enough to cover the car seat:

Big A– Towel

Next, I laid it over the car seat, making sure it could cover while still leaving a flap over the top back of the seat. I found about 12 inches would do the trick.
So I folded over a foot of the towel to make a flap, and pinned both sides, ready to stitch the sides together to make a pocket to slip over the top of the car seat. I’m using a heavy needle and 4 lb fishing line.

Getting ready to stitch up one side

I hand whip stitched each side up the 12 inches to secure the sides of this “pocket”. I made sure I made good knots at the top and bottom and that I stitched closely in case I feel like plopping down into the seat pretty hard. Huh huh…I said plopping.

Whip stitching the edge

Once I’m finished sewing, I can take it out to the car, and voila, it slips right over the top of the seat, and the towel won’t fall. I can also secure the bottom by sewing a length of elastic, shorter than the width of the seat, to each bottom corner of the towel to keep the seat part from moving around by slipping the elastic piece under the seat bottom.

Pocket over the top of the seat to keep it secure from falling down

Easy to make and use anytime of the year. Helps keep your excuse intact at work that you really DID go to a “Board Meeting”, without it betraying you on your khakis and button up.

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