Decor Your Board…Change your mind later

Ok, I love the rice paper, spray art, etc. that can be glassed in your board. I’ve had it done on several boards, using scans of paintings I’ve done on rice paper then glassed into the board. These are by far the longest lasting- let’s get that out of the way first.
The problem with this is, if I fall out of love with the board, or want to move onto something different, when I go to sell the board, the buyer may not have the same taste as I did. Now, I can spray paint over the board, but that only lasts so long.
If you want to express yourself, but not regret it like that Corona tattoo, maybe try this option.
These days, I’m feeling nostalgic from my early days in Kentucky, so I was feeling like representing the Colonel on my board- even though I’m a vegetarian. Such a hypocrite. I found a logo on the internet (I know, I know, just don’t go selling these things or you may get in trouble).

The Man
In my editing software on the computer, I kind of played with the colors a little, and cropped just to the Colonel.
My personal interpretation of “The Man”

I picked up some Bumper Sticker Labels at the office supply store that can be run through the ink jet printer (crafts are the ONLY thing I use my printer for anymore! How times have changed!). Now, these things come 2 bumper stickers to a sheet, so you may have to tile a bit if you want a bigger image. Also, they claim to be water resistant, but I’m going to make some crafty insurance.

Bumper stickers I used

After printing out the image, I cut it away from the sheet- I can use the sheet again for other images. The most important part is that you LET IT DRY!

Cutting the main image away from the sheet

Like, I said, after I let the ink dry (3-4 hours is good), I took an extra precaution and covered the image with clear shipping tape to seal the ink in. It’s probably not neccessary since these ARE bumper stickers, meant to be out in the rain, but just in case.
I decided to cut out the image’s background so it was just the Colonel. The sticker is a PITA to peel off the backing when you’ve cut into the image (no perforation anymore), but I got it evenutally.

Rockin’s the Colonel- the Palm tree is glassed in, oh well.

Obviously, you can do this with about any image, drawing, photo, whatever, and about the time you’re bored with it, you can peel it right off and make another statement.
For now, I’m going to tell people I’m sponsored by KFC and they give me a bucket of chicken every week plus sides. Who am I kidding, I can’t get away with that, I stink at surfing. Maybe I’ll say I got a two piece and a biscuit for free once.

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