Tropical Palm Frond Boot Reindeer

One of my favorite Christmas commercials in the one for Corona where there’s one tall palm tree next to a modest tiki hut that becomes lit up with lights, just at the top of the tree. That’s the way to spend the holidays, if you can.
Around here, seeing lots saying “REAL Wisconsin Christmas Trees” is really out of place. I bet they were beautiful in Wisconsin, but they just don’t seem right here. Still, a lot of people enjoy decorating for the holidays. This craft is like a traditional Christmas decoration, but done the coastal way.
Around here, Cabbage Palms are plentiful, and are beautiful trees:

Young Cabbage Palm (older one on right)

As a Cabbage palm grows, the branches break off or are pruned off, leaving “boots” behind. A lot of times, these boots can be found shed off a tree on the ground, so there’s no need to wrestle one off the tree.
Here’s two boots I’m going to use, one from a Cabbage Palm, and one from a Washingtonian Palm, turned upside down to resemble (loosely) reindeer antlers:

Washingtonian boot and Cabbage Palm boot

Next, I picked up some seeds to use for noses. I got some Live Oak acorns, and a Coontie cone seed. If you don’t have any, fuzzy craft pom-poms work just as well!

Live Oak Acorns (brown) Coontie (red)

On one reindeer, I used two oak acorns side by side to make a deer nose, and the coontie seed to make a Rudolph nose and glued them towards the base of the boot. I painted eyes on either side, keeping the face towards the bottom, so they’d have HUGE antlers. I even put a little Hibiscus flower on one:

Hibiscus and Rudy

You can hang them up by drilling holes into either edge of the boot, and running a piece of wire between the holes to hang. Here’s one mounted up in our front door wreath:

At least I didn’t have to string lights on the 25 foot palm in the front yard to be festive!

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