Save a Surf Kit

In diving, you are always recommended to take a “Save a Dive Kit” with you, with o-rings, extra fittings, etc.
I thought for the holidays, it would be nice to make a fellow surfer a handy gift they may appreciate, but won’t break the bank for you.
First, I picked up a small plastic pencil box from any local store- they usually cost no more than 99 cents, if that, and are a nice compact size, to fit in almost any glove box or console box in most cars.

Small pencil box

Next, I started collecting items that I thought would be handy if you pulled up to a break, and SOMETHING’s wrong, missing, or breaks. First, I thought of these items:

A bar of wax, a ding repair kit (really, a small roll of duct tape can take it’s place), a sunscreen face stick (NEW please!), and a wax comb (or you can make a comb yourself…ahem.
Next, I chose:

An extra side bite plastic fin (probably err on the side of 4″, and try to find out what system your buddy uses who you’re giving this to, a longboard screw and nut, screws, a fin key (not shown), and some quarters…especially if they want to surf the CB Streets. Hey, at least they MIGHT get 5 minutes of surf. The quarters, screws, and fin key can fit into a reused Altoids Smalls tin box.
Next, I put in:

One of my leash strings (OK, you don’t have to make your own, just get some nylon cord and knot it with a generous amount of loop, a double ended pocket screwdriver (I got mine as a promo at a trade show, but they have them for cheap at the hardware store), and a copy of their car key, if you can snag one long enough to get one made. If they have one of those electric doo-hah’s, well, the Beemer’s just ASKING for it.
All of this fits quite neatly into the pencil box, with room to spare, even putting in an additional bar of wax. This box is really meant to be stashed away, and forgotten until the need comes up. I have one in my car, and would really appreciate the thoughtfulness if someone had made up one for me. It’s saved me time and gas going back or canceling going out.

The finished kit

Now, tell your gift recipient they have NO EXCUSE. PADDLE OUT!

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