DIY Surfboard Repair With Style

I know these days, not everyone can run right out and get their freshly dinged board repaired. For a long time, I saw many people using the standard silver grey duct tape to make temporary repairs on their surfboards. Nowadays, duct tape comes in a lot of colors, even in sheets, which I find especially handy, if you need to cut a shape out before peeling off the backing. You can get these for pretty cheap at the hardware store or in the hardware sections of the big stores, not just craft stores these days.

Yellow duct tape sheet
Back of sheet

Even if you don’t need to fix a ding, this is another way to put some art on your board without permanently altering it. Here’s my new little board that I’m still “getting wired”….but that’s a different subject.

Yes, I waxed it everywhere, I don’t know where I’ll pop up….
if at all. Yikes.

It’s a board by Brian Tudor, and his shaper logo is a bat, as seen on the board in yellow. His logo is under the glass. I have nothing against bats, but I love seadragons- specifically leafy seadragons, which are members of the seahorse family. So, I think I’ll make my own logo on top of the glass, and if I drop it in the garage or ding it surfing Pipeline (ok, latter’s not gonna happen) I have a solution.
First, I drew out a pattern on regular paper. I taped this paper to the yellow duct tape sheet and cut the shape out on the thin side.

Pattern on the sheet
Shape cut out

As you can see, I cut the shape out a little thinner since I’m going to place it on another sheet of black duct tape to make about a 1/4″ outline around the image. Be very careful when sticking your image down, especially if it’s pretty crazy like mine- take your time to minimize the bubbles in the tape.

Yellow duct tape image taped to black duct tape sheet

This the part where I carefully cut around the image to make an outline.

Duct tape logo finished

Just like I said before, be patient putting this on, since you’re trying to keep bubbles out, repair job or not. Remember to clean off the surface of the board well, even if there’s no wax, because there can still be salt, dust, fiberglass, etc. sticking out from your ding if you have one. You may even want to make a few passes over the duct tape with a small rubber roller or a squeegee. Here it is on the board:

Logo finished and on board

Hey, I know not everyone will know that’s a seadragon, but I do, and isn’t that all that matters???

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