Surfer Baggies DIY

The 80’s were an interesting decade. Everything was neon and baggy from the Midwest to the coasts. On a forum I’m on, someone put up a pic of a neon multi colored wetsuit. I would totally rock that today (in today’s better neoprene, of course).
That started me thinking about Jams (apparently this name is copyrighted so I hope I’m allowed to write it), those baggy, surfer shorts that were actually around quite a while before the fad came along, just in milder colors. This project is super easy and is actually worth your time to make, considering some of the prices for “surf wear”.
Here’s the fabric I picked out:

It’s bright green- but not all out neon- and has kind of a batik Hawaiian print going on. For the pattern, I used an ultimate 80’s pattern that I couldn’t believe was still in print, but hey, if it works….It’s McCall’s M6104. I got small, I should’ve gotten x-small, but they didn’t have it, so I made mods. The pattern is definitely roomy:

I dig the dude in the Sailor Cap on the far left,
he knows how to rock his Jams.

As you can see in the picture, I needed some thread to match the fabric, and it called for like a double elastic paper bag waist, which I thought was just TOO far retro, so I used 1″ no roll elastic.
The pattern only has three pieces, cut 2 of the front piece, cut 2 of the back, and 4 of the pocket piece. Simple. Except they lie on the amount you’ll need, especially if making the longer Jams- I should’ve gotten 2 yards at 45″ width for that view.

Pattern Pieces

Remember to wash the heck out of your fabric first to shrink it before cutting. I wanted to be goofy, so I used the green print pattern for the main part of the pants, and some leftover cotton print for the pocket. I know it won’t show, but it’s one of those quirky things I do.

Pattern pieces cut out

Ok, so the pattern says it takes 1 hour sewing time, but I’m a freak about overlocking and finishing my raw edges on the inside. It just makes the clothes wash better, and makes them more durable, especially if you want to surf in them (yes, they used to surf in cotton baggies, where do you think these came from????).

Overlocked edges (on a regular machine)

This pattern has a mock fly, which means if you’re a dude, these are no access baggies. But you don’t DO THAT IN THE OCEAN RIGHT?

Attaching a pocket half onto the back side

Here’s the Jams when I finished:

Eau de 80’s

The instructions are pretty straightforward in the pattern, but like I said, these came out a bit big, so I cut down the pattern I had for the next set of Jams, which were still quite baggy, but that was the style.
Here’s another pair I did today with the pattern cut down:

No hem on them yet, trying to decide how long to leave them

The pockets on the second one were made out of scraps from the first green material. I think I like this fabric pattern better since it just screams funky.
Now, I must go download “Back to the Beach” and watch that scene with Pee-Wee Herman doing the Surfin’ Bird, put on some zinc oxide, and tease out my hair like a lion’s mane.
Totally boss.

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