Wax Typing the Easy Way DIY

This time of year in Florida the waves can be hit or miss, and the water temperature can be as well. I’ve got a stockpile of cold/cool water wax from the last two winters around here when we all thought the next Little Ice Age was upon us. This year (knock on Balsa wood) we’ve been fortunate to have mild temperatures and bearable water temps for most of us who only own 3/2’s or springsuits.
One of the things that annoys me, though, is that most of my wax looks the exact same even though they’re for different temperatures. I know, I know, the wax has a certain hardness associated with the temperature range it’s for. But, when I’m heading out the door, and the water temp dropped quite a bit from last week, I don’t turn into a Sommelier of Wax Types.
Usually, I try to keep the wrapping with the wax somehow, but of course, that gets ugly after while since the wrapping’s only paper, and starts to shred more than Ke11y. Here’s a sample of my system now:

I don’t even know what the one in the middle is,
I found it on the floor next to my funshape…must be tropical, maybe.

So, I wanted a way to remove the labels, mark the type of wax, but still be able to use the wax while it’s marked, without it coming off or discoloring my board.
I went to the office supply store and picked up a colored rubber band ball on clearance for a buck. It had 4 colors on it, perfect for my wax types. If you already have rubber bands, you can do this with those wide rubber bands and a sharpie.

Lots of rubber bands in a nice neat ball premade!

Next, since I had four colors, I laid them out, green, blue, red, purple. This would be my coding for basecoat, cool, warm, and tropical in that order. I didn’t include cold, because, at that point, it’s time for the Total Gym to get some use.

Basecoat, Cool, Warm, Tropical

So now, instead of all those silly wrappers to take around (DON’T throw them away- they can be used for other projects!!!) I’ve got a nice system that doesn’t get in the way of using my wax, doesn’t damage the board, and is cheap:

The rubber bands will even wrap around a little nugget of wax, check this nubbin out:

It’s a good way of using up your wax without having to ditch it because you can’t remember what it is. But if you need to ditch it, consider doing this project.
The best thing is, when a buddy asks to borrow some wax- AGAIN- you have a rubber band weapon at your disposal to unleash on the freakin’ moocher anytime.

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