Surfboard Leash Organizer Hack

Ok, like I’ve said in the past, a pet peeve of mine are surfboard leashes tangled and I can’t remember which length is which, especially if I’ve got a 7′ and a 9′ side by side. I did this project to help that problem, but now, I still have a leash mess everywhere.
I was racking what’s left of my brain for something that could hang a leash up off the ground, but all the ideas I had made the leash slip off, or loop back down to the floor. I don’t want to keep my leashes wrapped around the tail of my boards, so now what?
I went to the local hardware store and started looking at all the different types of hooks. I looked at those 3M hooks I’ve used in the past- they’re usually plastic hooks with an adhesive foam backing that you can stick on the wall, and they hold OK if something isn’t in direct sunlight or heavy (DON’T hang framed diplomas from these….ahem.)
I noticed that they had one that was a “cord keeper” to organize electrical cords. Perfect! And cheap!

3M cord keeper hook front
Cord keeper hanger back with the foam sticky backing

Basically, the hook is a soft latch that pulls up, you put the cord- or leash- into, and it snugs up holding the leash cord in place. I decided to put these on my surfboard racks in the garage.

Hanging up the leash onto the cord keeper

I put these hooks BEHIND each of my racks, with the corresponding leash that goes with the board. The plastic hook is soft, and won’t scratch the bottom. In this case, I put my 7′ yellow leash, which goes with my Sharpe T&C, on it’s rack, and will put the board back into it’s slot.

Leash hanging secure, board can be put back into place

Let the adhesive dry for a while before hanging anything from it, it takes a while to cure.
Here it is from behind the board:

Leash hanging behind the board from the rack

That’s it! Now my leashes are off the floor, I have a correct leash to go with each board.
Heck, I could hang two different leashes if I need a backup for the 5th Annual Heineken Invitational Pro Charity Benefit Competition to benefit Looty (I made that up….I don’t think that exists….)

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