Seahorse Cookies!

So today was a bit gloomy after having good surf yesterday, so I decided to make some sugar cookies from a roll of Pillsbury.
But, I wanted to make it fun, so I got out my ocean critter cookie cutters (yes, they make these!) and selected my favorite, the seahorse. When I rolled out the dough, I rolled it thin since these type of cookies can come out like a non-descript blob if they’re too thick (trust me, I’ve made a batch of fat, shapeless¬†seahorses).

However, when I was looking through my sprinkles and cookie glitter to decorate the cookies, I had rainbow sprinkles, red glitter, and snowflake sprinkles. Not really suitable for seahorses, at least to me today.
Instead, I used brown sugar and hand sprinkled it over the cookies. As you can tell, I didn’t try to be too neat, just trying to aim for the cookies as much as possible. For the eyes, I used little sugar pearls.

Pre-baked cookies

I think they came out OK- at least they resemble seahorses this time.

Out of the oven
Seahorse cookies

I tried one, and they were great with the brown sugar on top.
I did feel guilty, though, eating a seahorse. Sounds like a really horrific Fear Factor, right? Ewwww…..

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