Everybody’s Free (to wear SUNSCREEN).

One of my favorite songs- well, it’s mostly spoken words to music- is Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann. It’s kind of trite on some lyrics, but I still like to listen to it when I’m bummed.
The opening and ending lines remind the graduates to wear sunscreen. That’s the truth. Trust me, do it- the consequences can suck. And get a doctor’s check every year if you’re out in the sun a lot- glad a friend reminded me I should go.
So, on that note, I wanted this week’s craft to be something to remind you to put on sunscreen- no excuses. Here in Florida, we get sun year round. I’m very diligent about wearing a sunshirt or long sleeve rashguard (I get cold if it’s less than 90 degrees anyway) and even Lycra running pants for paddling or surfing to keep sun off my legs.
The thing is, I still have to put sunscreen on my face. My biggest complaint is that I’ll be running out the door with my board and bag, and I don’t remember to put sunscreen on until I’m at the beach. I’ll put some on my face then my hands are all greasy, which doesn’t help when surfing. Ideally, I could wipe my hands off with a dry towel (while waiting the 10 minutes to allow the sunscreen to absorb before going into the water). Problem is, my towels are always chock full ‘o sand, which won’t help keep the wax on my board from getting gritty.
When I get done with my Diva excuses, I need to come up with a solution.
I decided to make a little face sunscreen applier. Laugh if you want, but if it gets me to put the ‘screen on, I really don’t care. Instead of sewing one from plain cloth, I thought a better option would be to crochet one from undyed Kitchen cotton yarn. This stuff can be found at most any craft shop, or big box stores. It’s the stuff you make bar towels or kitchen towels out of since it’s soft and absorbent.
As a plus, the nooks and crannies of the crochet will hang on to the sunscreen better, and it can be chucked into the wash with your other towels every so often.

Kitchen cotton and G hook

Essentially, I’m going for a little mitten. Here’s my general pattern, but may need to be adjusted for your hand:

Standard unbleached Kitchen cotton
4.00 mm Crochet Hook (Size G)
DC: Double Crochet Stitch
SC: Single Crochet Stitch
Ch: Chain
st: Stitch
BO: Bind off

Make Magic Circle
1st Round: 8 DC’s into circle. Do not turn. (8 DC in round)
2nd Round: Make first stitch of next round into first st of last round (you still be making a spiral of stitches). Mark this st. Make another DC into the same st. 2 DC in each stitch of 1st round (16 DC in round)
3rd Round: 2 DC in first st of last round, mark first st of this round. Make 1 DC into next st, 2 DC in the next st, 1 DC in the next st, (*2 DC, 1 DC*) and so forth until returning to the marker. (24 DC in round)
Check size over your four fingers. You may or not need to make another increasing round. (32 DC in extra round)

If not increasing, or finished increasing, make DC in first st of last round. Mark this stitch. Make 1 DC in each st from last round.
Keep fit checking the mitten over your hand. Once you’ve made enough rounds to get down to the first knuckle of your thumb (all fingers together), stop.
Mark the place where you stopped. Ch as many loops necessary to go around your thumb to connect to the other side of the mitten:

Start of thumb opening

DC in the stitch where you connect back to the main part of the mitten’s last round. Continue to DC in each stitch until you get back to the marker you placed.
Next Round:
DC in each st around, including in each ch from previous round. Fit check. Keep making round as necessary to make comfortable fit.

Fit check

Last round: SC in each st of previous round. BO.

Making last round
Final fit check

At this point, you may wish to add a ch loop on the side to add a key chain loop, hook, etc.

Completed loop to hang

Now, anytime I need to apply sunscreen to my face, I’ll slip this on, put some ‘screen on, and no more complaints about greasy hands. Works with that spray on stuff too, since, really, you’re supposed to rub that in as well. Keep it with your sunscreen bottle and put it in a Ziploc. Done.

Hanging out on the Sunscreen Bottle

If anyone gives you a hard time about your sunscreen mitten, give ’em a wink and say “Do my back??” Bonus points if you have CRAZY back hair.

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