The Line Up Grillin’ Apron

We’ve been really fortunate this winter here in Florida with the warm weather. In fact, many people have their grills out and are driving me nuts with the good smell. That’s when I thought about this craft.
Something I found recently at the craft store was this printable cotton fabric. I thought this was the coolest thing. I’ve used iron on transfers, of course, but never heard about actual fabric that could be printed on a home printer.

Printable fabric

I picked up a pre-made apron at the store, or you can use one you already have. I wouldn’t make one, they’re cheaper to buy than make and you’re going to get it dirty.

Ready made cooking apron

I chose a fun Paddleboarding Line Up picture I liked that was interesting. I ran one of these fabric sheets through my ink jet, and set it to print on the whole page and in photo quality. The fabric sheet is backed with stiff peel away paper so it can go through the printer smoothly.

Picture out of the printer

Let the picture dry for a while. After that, the instructions told me to peel off the backing, leaving just the cotton cloth, then run it under some tap water until the water is clear. I didn’t have any bleed, I think since I let it dry overnight. Next, I wrung it out on an old towel then dried it with a hot iron.

Fabric drying on the towel

I got out some of my trusty Steam-A-Seam Light (a double sided adhesive for binding fabrics together), and started adhering the fabric to the 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece of Steam-A-Seam first.

Steam-A-Seam sheets and photo fabric

Before I placed it and steamed it in place on the apron, I cut out the picture a bit just to make it a little more interesting.

Fabric steamed onto apron

You can stop there, but of course, I have to make things worse. I did a baseball stitch around the image, and fabric marker’ed around it for fun.

Hosed up apron

The nice thing about using printed fabric is that I can chuck this all teriyaki’d up into the washer and not worry about the image chipping or peeling off of the apron. Of course, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff you can do with printable fabric too, which I’m going to try out this week. 😉
Time for the inevitable question: gas or charcoal? Propane’s my choice- there’s some trees I’d like to keep in the backyard. Friends don’t let friends use lighter fluid. Yuck!

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