SUP Paddle Blade Edge Bumper

Might be a long title, but really, this is a simple hack. I did this after I got a new SUP board, and I was worried about keeping nicks off of the rails, plus, I really like my paddle, and I don’t know if they make ’em like that anymore. See, I just sounded like I have some cred….cool, huh?

I’ve seen these “blade protectors” out there that wrap around the edge of the blade. Once again, these seem overpriced, and even a bit too heavy for what’s supposed to be a light carbon paddle. I had some thick electrical tape that has a rubbery stretch, so I decided to make a simple wrap around the blade edge while giving a little stretch to the tape as I folded it around the sides. You can use black tape instead to blend in with the blade, of course:

Stretching the tape around the edge of the blade

That’s it. Double up the tape layer and go around the edge again if you want to add a little more bumper. This is good for protecting those potato chip board noses a little, since the tape stays on pretty well if applied carefully. Just remember to check under the tape once in a while for cracks since you do all those radical off-the-lips (or garage whacks- the correct term).
This does not condone Bumper SUP Battle- but…..wouldn’t that just be AWESOME!?! EXTREME!!!!

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