World’s Smallest Wax Comb (on a spare leash loop)

On Wednesday, I said I’d be making rope all week on the disk, so I thought it would be fun to take a riff from that and make a small length (or longer) that can serve as a bracelet or a necklace for the World’s Smallest Wax Comb (at least until my eye is feeling better).
Since I see surf related necklaces and bracelets everywhere, I thought this would be unique since it actually has components used in surfing, and in a pinch, is not just for show, but can be USED! BONUS!
Here’s the pattern for the nylon rope cord I made for this project (refer to Wednesday’s project for more info):

The blue is the lighter blue string, and the white represents the silver/white string
The pattern created

So, to make the comb, I used Sculpey Premo in pearl. When baked as a thin piece, this color almost gives a carved wooden look, to me.
I used about 1/8 of a block of Sculpey to roll out to a thin sheet about 1/8″ thick. I used my Plexiglas roller and a tiny cookie cutter in the shape of a rectangle. You can make one yourself using a small piece of craft tin and some tin snips and bending it into whatever shape you want.

1/4 of a bar of Sculpey- this will make a lot of combs!
The little cookie cutter

I then started to make little sawtooth notches along one edge (see this previous project) and I made sure to poke a little hole at the upper corner, since I’m going to put a jump ring (tiny ring of wire) there, so I can attach it to my piece.

Some of the tools I used

Sculpey Premo advises baking for around 30 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, but since this can be used as an actual wax comb, I baked it for around 40-50 minutes. Just keep an eye on the oven.
To make the bracelet or necklace loop, cut the length of rope you want and carefully melt the bitter ends with a lighter, candle flame, etc. (OUTSIDE PLEASE). Quickly butt the ends together and they will melt together and form a good bond. This will only work with nylon rope. Keep in mind that the rope loop needs to be big enough to fit over your head or wrist, but the rope will have a bit of stretch, but don’t push it.
Take your wax comb, add the jump ring to the upper corner where you made the hole (you may need a needle file to rout it a bit if the hole’s not big enough), close it over the rope, and you’re done!

Couple of bracelets- one even has a tiny thumb indent!

These actually work and are more functional than a shark’s tooth, and won’t piss off the shark. 🙂

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