Forget-Me-Not Sunscreen Dispenser DIY

I was thinking today how it would be nice to keep some sunscreen handy in the house, not just out in the the garage with my surf equipment, which is probably bad for the lotion anyway.
I like buying the El Grande sizes in things, because not only is it cheaper, it saves on those excess plastic bottles. So, I have huge bottles of sunscreen in the garage, but if I brought them in and sat them on the bathroom sink it would be a total eyesore, plus a big thing to take up room on the sink along with everything else. I also wanted to have some sunscreen handy for my face as I’m heading out the door, whether it’s for surfing or just cruising about.
The other day, I was gifted a large bottle of sunscreen (WOO HOO!!!), and then I had to pick up some hand soap from the store. With the tub of hand soap came a small dispenser for the sink for free. We reuse ours over and over, but I decided to replace one with this new free one, so I had a spare to use.

Yes, I saved the remaining soap!!

I took the old dispenser and after putting the soap into another container, I rinsed out the dispenser and took the labels off.

Buck Naked.

Because we have a tendency to use too much of a good thing, I wanted the dispenser to dispense the right amount for my face so I wouldn’t get my face greasy- not too much, not too little- so I used a hack I’ve seen times before. I took a small rubber band and wrapped it around the neck of the dispenser. This prevents the pump from pushing all the way down (as we have the tendency to do), and gives a more measured amount of sunscreen. Or soap, if you want to use it for that too (prevents wastefulness).

Red rubber band wrapped around the neck of the pump.

I filled the dispenser up with some of the sweatproof, waterproof sunscreen and put the big bottle in the cabinet under the sink out of sight. I also made a funky label for the dispenser so I know it’s sunscreen and not lotion.

Happy little surfboard clip art!
Just the right amount.

Of course, you need to reapply, but this will give a first layer that’s handy and doesn’t look too bad in the bathroom.
Slip, slap and slop yourself silly!!

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