Sexy Wax Magnet

Everybody’s got their favorite wax, but I’ve never really pledged enduring loyalty to one brand over another. I will say that the Sex Wax label is pretty iconic and well known even among non surfers.
Instead of throwing out my wax wrappers, I collect them. I don’t have any cats, so I’m still one stage removed from hoarding officially, so don’t judge.
Anyhoo, I wanted to make a cool magnet from the wrapper. Some magnets I’ve seen at tourist trap beach stores are $5-6 bucks! This one’s cheap and easy to make, so steer your out-of-town in-laws away from the overpriced crap and have fun making this during the afternoon thunderstorms we get around here that run everyone off of the beach.
I bought a ready made 3.25″ diameter wood circle- you can cut one yourself with a scroll saw, but I found this at a craft store for a quarter. You may want to give the wood circle a once over with some 120 grit sandpaper if the edges are a bit rough still.

Wax wrapper and pre cut balsa wood circle shape

Next, I painted the circle (both sides) white like wax, but you can paint it whatever you want. I also took the wrapper and carefully cut the plastic away from around the round wax label. If you can peel the label off without tearing it, that will work too.

Painting the wood circle with a small foam brush and acrylic paint

Next, I used some white glue on the back of the label to glue it to the circle, but instead of placing the label in the center, I placed it a bit off-center. This allowed me to make another, smaller circle, around the label with a compass, and I outlined it with a black paint pen. This gives the magnet a little dimension.

Using some Tacky glue to glue the wax label on the front of the wood circle
I used a compass to make a guide around the outside of the label off to the side to make the wax look 3-D

After letting it dry, I used some super glue to affix a clothespin on the back of the circle straight up-and-down (in relation to the front).

After that, I put a small disc magnet on the clothespin in the middle, a little above the hinge point.

Voilà! A cool little magnet that can actually be used to hold lists and stuff. Here’s mine:

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