Surf Equipment Wall Organizer

I can’t take credit for this one- this was a surprise present by my Husband while I was horribly sick with the flu and couldn’t surf. 😦
Meet my new garage wall organizer!


He took a scrap piece of plywood, about 1″ thick and used PVC pipes to make pegs and even holders for our SUP paddles. The PVC pegs look to be around 3/4″ ID, and he drilled a hole into the wood, and epoxy’d them in place to ensure a solid hold. These can be used to hold my wetsuits in the winter, vests in the summer, towels, leashes, etc. They are long enough to hold quite a few things on hangers, as you can see.

Next, between the pegs, he cut some short pieces of larger ID PVC pipe, turned them vertically, and cut a notch large enough for the paddle shafts to lay into so they wouldn’t fall over. These were secured into the wood with two screws, one on top of the other:

SUP Paddle Holder

From the above picture, to the right of the paddle holder, you can see the blue concrete screw, one of a few he used to mount the rack in the garage to maintain a strong hold.
I hope I don’t get the flu again, but being married to another crafter sure has it’s rewards! 😉

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