Surfin’ Daddy Goody Pail

Father’s Day is around the corner, and many of us around here know of more than one Dad who is good at being a father and may surf OK too.
Here’s a little idea to get him something he may appreciate for his other love.
First, I picked up a clear craft paint can at the craft store. Sometimes they sell these at the hardware store, but they’re about the same price, really, and I like the clear ones better for gifts. The top opens up just like an actual paint can, so you can use a paint can opener or just a quarter (this one is pretty lightweight):

Clear craft paint can (you can paint on the clear plastic!)

Inside, I’m going to put a nice surfboard leash- if you don’t know what size to get, estimate around a 7′ leash, that’s pretty average.

Take the cardboard sleeve off of the leash

Next, with the cardboard sleeve off the leash, I’m going to coil the leash around the inside of the can, leaving space in the middle:

Leash in the can….

Since I’ve got some space in the middle, I can put other things, like a set of Proteck safety fins (hey, gotta keep the old man safe, right?), some sunscreen (very important!), and, of course, some wax. If you have extra space, instead of buying that shredded paper crap, get some wrapped candies he likes to fill in the space- it looks nice and serves a purpose! Doesn’t someone make tequila flavored Jolly Ranchers?

Fill ‘er up!

Put the top back on, and I used some sticker paper to print out a neat clip art pic on my printer to make the gift look a bit more professional. You can paint the outside too, but using sticker paper is faster and can look better depending on your artistic level- hey, but if your name rhymes with Spew Trophy, give the painting thing a go.


This is a fun project for the kids and Moms to make together for the Dads. Throwing in a “Anytime Surf Pass to cash in When Needed” in there probably wouldn’t hurt either….

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