La Sofia Surf Smoothie

One of my favorite surfers is Sofia Mulanovich. She won the Women’s World Title back in 2004, and it was a first for a South American surfer.

Sofia in action

Also, she’s from Lima, Peru, where my Spanish tutor’s from. I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot about Peru and would like to go there to surf, even though some parts, especially Lima, according to my teacher, have become overrun with some not-so-savory types these days.
Speaking of savory, though, she’s always introducing me to dishes from her native Peru, and fruits too, if she can get them at the specialty grocer. One fruit I really like in dishes in guanabana, or soursop, as it’s known here.

Picture of a guanabana fruit- I wonder who lost the dare to be the first to eat it?

Under my nose the whole time at the grocery has been guanabana nectar in the ethnic foods section! My teacher swears up and down that this fruit is supposed to be a cure all and a health improver (I need to follow a healthier diet anyway), so, I’d thought I would put it into a healthy pre/post surfing, good-for-you smoothie drink with a nod to the homeland of Sofia Mulanovich. At least it tastes better than Noni. Blech.

It’s got simple ingredients:

2 1/2 cups of blueberries (cheap ’cause they’re in season right now)
1 well ripened banana
2/3 cup Guanabana nectar (in the ethnic foods or health food section of a grocery)
2 1/2 cups of ice (give or take, depends on how you like your smoothie)

Makes 2 large servings.

Basic ingredients
2/3 cup of guanabana nectar

I used the ice crush setting first, then the blender setting, just to make sure I wouldn’t have big chunks of ice left in the smoothie.


Now, to have some more fun with the drinks, I put gummy sharks into the smoothies (don’t do this if your trying to be healthier, of course!), but it’s a fun find when someone sucks their smoothie down. They do sink to the bottom, so I put some out in front to show you what they look like- I abstained from the sharks in mine, on the right, but they are cute!

This can work as a meal if you’re on the smaller side, since it’s got a lot of volume, and is something quick to eat so you can do those 5 hour sessions. The guanabana works well with the bananas, so you could replace the blueberries with bananas, but I really like keeping the bananas in somewhere, it just mellows the smoothie out.

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