Surfing Goals Pin Up Board

Lately, I’ve been in need of some inspiration and some goals. Why not make some goals in surfing, then? No, I’m not going to be sponsored anytime soon, and I’m not going to compete in any contests, but that doesn’t mean I can’t set some personal goals that would make surfing even more fun for me, myself, and I.
On that note, I gathered some materials to make a pin-up goal board that I can see everyday to keep inspired. I got a 12″ by 12″ cork tile, paint pens, a Sharpie, some push pins (I actually found wooden push pins!), and some small/mini 2″ craft sticks (but small wooden rectangular pre-cut shapes would work too).

Supplies needed

For my board, I painted one side of several sticks a bright yellow color so they would stand out. You could paint these sticks different colors, but you will be writing on them, so keep the colors in mind so you can see the writing.

Painting one side of the craft sticks in an eye catching yellow

On these sticks, I wrote labels with a fine point black Sharpie such as “Within One Year”, “Within Six Months”, and “DO IT NOW!”, and so on to reflect some deadline incentive to complete my goal. I then glued a push pin onto the middle of the back of each stick label with some E6000 glue.

Giving a deadline on each tack label for motivation

After giving each push pin and label enough time to dry, I hung my cork tile on a wall where I would see it often. I then cut out pictures from magazines showing people doing the moves I’d like to complete, places I’d like to go surf, wrote actual objectives to help me to get to my goals, and even put items that I associate with a good surf day or inspiration and pinned them on the board with a push pin label that reflects the time frame that I would like to see my goal completed if applicable. On some items, I even wrote the date I pinned it to keep on track. You can see where I’d like to complete a good duckdive with six months, cross-step within a year- reminding me to use my GoPro to help me correct errors- and do exercises to help my surfing progress, RIGHT NOW!

My personal Surfing Goal Board

Don’t use the board for anything else other than surfing- no coupons, no email addy from the hottie you met last night- only goals, objectives, and inspirations related to surfing. I know you can do this digitally, but could you put a shell on your virtual board from a great day of surfing, or have the discipline to check your virtual board everyday? At least this way, it’s in your face as a daily reminder.
Don’t try to fill up every square inch of the tile- in fact, it’s probably better to keep it pared down so you can complete your goals in the time frame you set. I guess you could give yourself a reward if you complete the goal, but isn’t it enough of a reward to have achieved your goal?
Yeah, I’m all for the reward thing too.

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