Recycled Fin Case

It’s that time of year where a lot of people in Florida tend to travel to find some fun waves and escape the flatness of Summer (although we’ve been fortunate, knock on wood). Boards are expensive to fly, but taking a set or two of fins with you can fit right into your carry on.
When I was doing a bit of organizing and clean up, I came across an old CD case we don’t use anymore that’s about 6″ by 6″, and can hold a stack of CD’s to about 1″ thick. It has a stiff neoprene cover, and removable sleeves for the CD’s:

Some of the side bites I have fit the sleeves just fine, so I could put them one per sleeve into the case. Don’t use the sleeves anymore after that to store CD’s or you may scratch them up if you’re wanting to preserve them.

For the fins that were too big to go into the sleeves, I just laid them in the case with the bases on either side of the case hinge so the case could still close easily.

I like the idea of being able to take smaller fins to switch out (I’m a smaller person), or Proteck’s so I don’t put an eye out, but I don’t want the edges damaged in the mayhem of the airport, especially since I’m planning on being sloshed anyway for the plane ride. I hate plane rides.
I know this case is not an official FCS or Futures case promoted by a Pro, and doesn’t have a logo, but of course, you can DIY with a pen and a label:

Yeah! I’m official! Gnar gnar!

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