GoPro Photo Shoot Saver Kit

I know it’s a fad, but I really have enjoyed this GoPro thingy, even though it felt like having blood drawn when having to go pay for it. It’s handy to see what your doing right and wrong while surfing, and gives me a confidence boost when I actually appear like I know how to surf.
The downside- outside of the cost- is that even though the waterproof housing is durable, I seem to always have have some other problem going on when I use it, and no way to take care of it when I’m already at the beach.
First, the other day, I couldn’t pull the GoPro out of the mount on the end of my board, unlike I could easily every other time before when it was new:

My GoPro mount on the nose of my longboard.

After my husband wrestled the camera from the mount for me, small bits of sand were apparent in the side tracks of the board mount. This happened because I had laid the board face down before a surf without the GoPro, sand got on the mount, and the rinse after didn’t get rid of all the sand and salt in the nooks and crannies.
A solution for this was to get a small travel toothbrush that comes with the cover. It’s small, fits into my GoPro case I made, and has a sealed cover so gunk won’t get on it in the pouch. It can brush away the sand in the tiny grooves of the mount, and keep sand and salt from tearing it up over time.

Minty fresh.

On that note, I thought having a little fresh water would be handy to help with this. I could use a small squeeze bottle, but I recycled one of those “water flavor enhancer” bottles, since when you squeeze it, a pretty fierce little stream comes out to knock away small particulate on the mount and the camera. I made a label for this on the computer and will seal it with some packing tape cut to lay over it so the label’s waterproof- it will prevent the ink from smearing.

My little 3″ water sprayer

Next, I seem to be the Queen of filming water droplets on the GoPro. After poking around the internet, I found that water photographer Art Brewer uses Jet Dry on the housing over the lens of his GoPro to keep the lens clear of water drops hanging out, blocking your film. I guess any water repellent substance could work, but it’s cheap, and easily available at the grocery. For this, I poured a bit of Jet Dry into another squeeze bottle like the other (only black, not grey), and made another eye-catching safety label on the computer for it:

No beber.

It only takes a DROP of the Jet Dry on the lens to work. I squirted a bit out, I rubbed it over the lens housing lightly using my finger, and VOILA! Works great!
Lastly, I added a small microfiber cloth to the kit to clean off the housing before putting Jet Dry on, trying to put it in the mount, etc.

Ready to be a photographer!

The little kit fits easily into the pouch for prep and emergencies.
Now, I can film myself so I can finish up my low budget live action film of Wilbur Kookmeyer. Hey- you know that would make an awesome movie. Better than “The Flintstones” with John Goodman. Never saw Dino the same after that one.

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