Simple SUP Traction Grip

I needed to replace my soft SUP paddle grip after months of wear, so since I had to refresh it anyway, I thought I’d try a different type of grip this time, just for fun.
I first measured around the shaft of the paddle to see what the width needed to be to have the traction wrap around the circumference.

Measuring the SUP paddle shaft

I got about 3 3/4″ inches. I had a piece of scrap 3 mm Seadek traction I wanted to use for this. Knowing the measurement, and due to the thickness of the traction, I decided to cut the traction 4″ wide (to allow for bending) and 10 1/2″ long. The length was to give me a lot of slop on my grip so I could have my hand almost anywhere without being off. To get an idea of where you should place a grip, take a couple of strips of bright colored electrical tape on your paddle when you go out and move them around until you find your “zone”.

Cutting a small traction rectangle

Afterwards, I peeled off the backing, affixed it to the paddle shaft where I wanted it by placing the shaft on the traction in the middle:

Ready to roll!

To adhere the grip, I used a careful “sushi-roll” technique on the corner of a table, where only the shaft would be in contact with the table.


Once completed, I can leave it as is, or I can put the soft grip layer back on, and now I’ll have a back up grip underneath.
I’ve got some paddle wax that was given to me that is supposed to be used to wax up and form a grip on your paddle. Um, yeah. Don’t be that guy.

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