My Righteous Old Blake T-Shirt

OK, I admit, I totally would have been geeked over Tom Blake if I were alive in his time. Being a “Belieber” is weak- I would have been “Totally Blaked.”
With that, I wanted to make a shirt to show my fandom to the super talented waterman and craftsman who designed the paddleboard, fin, and windsurfer, just to name a few. He did DIY before it was cool.
I picked up a basic blue heavyweight t-shirt at the dollar store. Extra points if you can score one from your own stash, or the Goodwill, since the point of this shirt is to make it look worn in. If your shirt is new, wash it first, preferably on a high setting to get any shrinkage out.
Next, I found a couple of images from the Internet I really liked and have even used one before on a previous project. It’s a patent application of his chambered paddleboard, and I like the old sepia edges and water stains in the print:

Next, I printed these out on DARK t-shirt transfer paper. This type goes on the shirt like a sticker and is ironed down, not placed on backwards like a light t-shirt transfer. I made the Tom Blake logo a small size, and the patent application the full size of a sheet of the paper:

Ready to cut

I carefully cut around the logo with an exacto knife, and cut off the excess white edges of the large patent application image.

Images ready to place and iron

Next, I centered the large image on the back of the shirt, followed the directions on the transfer package, and ironed down the image. I also did this with the logo image, centering this on the front of the shirt.

Center back
Center front

Next, I went out to destroy the shirt. I took it out in the bright Florida sun to the beach and rolled it around in the sand, wrung it through the ocean water, and left it baking in the sun. Can you do all of this while wearing it? Sure! Wear sunscreen, though. The benefit of this is that is that if you’ve gotten a bright colored new shirt like mine, it tones the color down some, gives it some softness, and softens up the iron on patches, which can be especially stiff.
After doing that several times, I gave the shirt one more wash on a high setting. In the future, for regular washing, I will probably use a normal casual setting. The bad picture doesn’t really show the change, but the shirt is MUCH softer and looks insta-worn:


I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on this shirt, asking where to get it. Only the truly Totally Blaked know how to score one…..

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