Easy DIY Leash Keepers

One of the most annoying experiences in surfing is paddling for a wave and looking back only to realize that you went out with a knot in your leash. Ok, that might be just me, but I suspect that’s happened to you once in a while, Mr. Pro.
I needed a quick way to keep my leash coiled in my bag so it wouldn’t come apart and get tangled. I tried using the Velcro ankle strap to wrap around the leash coil bundle, but the bundle just came apart using the bulky ankle strap, causing a bigger mess.
I picked up some of these Velcro cable ties at the hardware store I thought might work. They comes in bright colors, so I can keep my leashes labeled separately, and I can easily see my leash wrap:

Less than 5 bucks.

These cord wraps are fuzzy on one side and have micro catch hooks on the other, but are not scratchy like regular Velcro.

Fuzzy side

Catch side

I simply put the cord wrap on by wrapping the tie around the leash and threading the tie through itself through the slit provided:

The Velcro attached to itself
 to hold the tie on the cord

Next, I can make a neat coil of the leash, similar to coiling rope, and tightly wrap the long end around the top of the bundle.

Tie securing the bundle

When I go to surf, I just wrap the tie around itself and it freely moves up and down the leash cord, but since the fuzzy side is out, is doesn’t catch or hang up on anything.

Tie not in use while using the leash surfing

If you believe that this little Velcro piece is going to impede your mad surfing skills, let me be the first to tell you how precious you are, Princess Pea.
As a bonus to not getting tangled in my bag, I can now hang up my leash coil on my organizer using cord keepers that I can mount using adhesive. The cord just snaps in, and done!

Cord clip organizers
Clip placed under the edge of my wall organizer
Leash neatly hung up

The nice thing about these clips is that I can mount them directly to a smooth surfaced wall, under a shelf, etc. They don’t mount well to a stuccoed wall.
So, now that your leash is unknotted, you’ll lose an excuse to blame your flailing on- sorry ’bout that.

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