Mini Surf Magnets from Your Favorite Pics

I still get a kick out of surf mags. I know there’s the Internet, but there’s something about the glossy paper that shows off the dramatic colors of the wave and rider. Even better if it’s someone you know, or even you. So, I just don’t think the medium of printed surf images by talented photographers will ever end, and that makes me happy and gives me hope that one day, I just may get my own!
With my surf mags in hand, some tiny square magnets, and clear shipping tape, I wanted to make some mini picture magnets. Remember, if you are using images, don’t resell these, since the photographer retains the original rights to the picture- you can use it for fun yourself, though!


Next, I found some small images that would fit within these 3/4″ square mini magnets.

After finding my images, I laid a generous piece of clear packing tape over the image and burnished it with my thumbnail to ensure the tape was thoroughly attached to the paper:

 After that, I cut out the image, leaving a lot of room to spare, and placed it into a small bowl of warm water.

After giving it a minute, I began to scrape away (gently!) the paper away from the back of the tape, leaving a semi-transparent image of the surfer.

If you are attaching these images to black magnets, keep in mind you may want to glue a white square backing on before gluing the image down, but since these have a self adhesive that is white, I’m going to peel away the adhesive backing and line up the square behind the transparent image, then press down.

You can see the magnets square behind the transparent image.
You can glue this down if desired with clear drying glue, but the self adhesive should stick well.

I turned the image over a cut flush against the square to make the image fit the magnet. I did this with several other images, plus some surfboard prints I really liked:

Pretty cool!

My husband actually thought they were store bought before I told him otherwise, so save some cash on the jacked up versions. Even better if they’re images of you.
Maybe one day…..guess I have to ride a wave more that two seconds to get a good shot off….. 😉

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