Surf Wax Dispenser

I’ve had couple of requests for a surf wax dispenser. I can understand, since the stack to wax tends to fall over into a big messy pile. For this craft, I picked up 2 small cardboard containers from the craft store that were about the circumference of a Sex Wax bar. They have square boxes for those inclined to Sticky Bumps.

Next, I needed to remove the lids and cut away and bottoms from each cylinder using an Exacto knife along the edge:


First, I took one of the cylinders and marked a rectangle along the bottom, the height of the wax bar (with the wrapping), and about half the width of the bar, so it will slide into and out of the bottom.

I then used the Exacto knife to cut along the bottom, even along the bottom edge:


At this point, I needed to join the two cylinders together. I used Duct Tape to make a join around the middle:

By keeping the lid of one, we’ve got a nice cap for the holder.
After that, by taking some clear drying glue and painting it all over the cylinder, I can put cut out surf images from my favorite magazines!

Good way to keep the pile organized, in a corner, out of the way.
Kinda looks like a PEZ Dispenser. I used to collect those, but since it took about 10 PEZ to get any sugar rush, I kept breaking the little heads off. I sold the heads to someone a while back. I think I saw him on the news recently.

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