Recycling Bread Tags as Leash Tags

We go through a lot of bread at our house, and like the mini hoarder I am, I’ve been collecting those plastic bread tags used to close up the bag since I knew there’s got to be other uses for them.

Plastic Bread Tags

I’ve been using them as tags on electrical cords, but I thought these could work to tag my leashes too with the length of the leash, kind of like I did in another similar project.
I used a basic sharpie pen to mark the foot length on the bread tag:

That’s all you need, but of course, I had to jazz it up a bit:

I clipped my tag close to the ankle cuff, but it does slide up and down the leash, but doesn’t get in the way. I tested it on some kooky wipeouts (yeah, I did those on purpose…sure), and the tag held on fine. I think these work better on Comp weight leashes as opposed to Big Wave weight leashes, which the tag may not fit around. These may not be for you if you’re surfing Jaws or Cloudbreak regularly, but they’re Festivus for the rest of us, you know?

Tag on the leash

Tag! You’re it!

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