Cheap Wetsuit Changing Kit

I can feel the chill already coming in the air in the mornings, enough to start wearing a vest for me (even a spring suit one morning- shhh…don’t tell). I especially feel bad for our Northern friends who get to deal with this almost year round. That’s dedication to the sport, far more than the best Hawaiian surfer, in my humble opinion.
Trolling the Internet lately, I noticed a neat-o wetsuit changing mat that you can stand on to keep the sand off yourself while you get in it and out of it to avoid getting major exfoliation. Problem is, as you can see, the thing costs almost 30 bucks. Also, I saw a good idea to brush sand off your feet, but- I’ll wait ’til you see the price and change your undershorts……. REALLY? THAT MUCH?
So, of course, I’ve got to find something cheaper. First, the sand brush was a no brainer. You have quite a few options:
A) Look under your sink for a used pot scrubber brush with a long handle- it’s free, but you might need to replace it with a new one if you use one a lot.
B) Go to your local Goodwill and pick one up. Don’t give me the “Ewww” factor- it’s going to be used on your feet, precious.
C) Buy a new one at the dollar store just for this. They usually even sell them at 2 for a dollar, then you have one for your pots.
Saved: 13 bucks plus shipping.

Here’s my magical brush.
Hope I’m not infringing on any naming rights.

Next is the changing mat. I wanted to use something I already had or something that does double duty. I thought a car sunshade would be an excellent option. It rinses off easily, folds up compact, and is cheap. I paid $9.99 for my Jumbo version, but I’ve seen them for $5.00, or you may already have one.

Super hot visual for those who need it.
The kit. $11 bucks + tax,
OR $43 bucks plus shipping for a name brand, your choice.

The brush is also handy to scoot the sand off the mat so you’re not standing in the sand you brushed off or brought onto the mat.
Bonus points since the shade can then be used in the Summertime, when you’re out of your suit, well, for us lucky Floridians.

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