Halloween Surf Monster Candy Cards

Well, we have a little storm creeping around the Atlantic called Sandy. Hopefully it will bring treats- no tricks.
Speaking of treats, here’s a little fun project for the surfing family at Halloween to make while you’re hunkerin’ down (I thought we’d almost gotten through the season without that word).
Get some lollipops and some cardstock (paper can be used, but cardstock works better). If you can get a hold of some bright colored cardstock, that’s even MORE fun:

I’ve already provided you a printable that has 4 cards to a sheet that I made using a cute Surf Monster clip art I had. The cards can be found here as a PDF:

Here’s some examples printed out on the bright cardstock:

I used an Exacto knife and a straight edge to cut out each card. You can also cut these out using scissors, of course.
Next, I used a paper punch to punch 2 holes around the stars on the card, then I slid a lollipop stick into the card:
Completed card
Make a whole bunch for all the special little groms and grommettes riding the Sugar Wave through your neighborhood or at your party!

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