Preventing a Pocket Wax Disaster

So yeah, I collect those little toys figurines, what’s it to ya?

Looks mean….looks real mean.

Now that’s out in the open…..yeah, I’m the creepy grown up outside at the toy machine at Publix, or Walmart, etc. getting my miniature-plastic-vinyl-toy-figurine fix on. The down side is that I’m left over with this plastic container. I thought there had to be something I could do with it.
I thought since these are fairly small these days (much less plastic than I remember), they would make good pocket wax containers. The upside is that you can keep sand and stuff off of your wax, and, if the worst happens, it will protect your boardshorts and washload from partaking of your Mrs. Palmers. If you have multiple containers, use the colored caps to colors code your wax type.
You’ll need to cut a piece of your favorite wax- either you can break one off, or you can use the scraping edge of a wax comb to do the trick.

Hunka’ hunka’ wax

Snap the top back on, and throw it in your pocket- it won’t be much bigger than your boardshorts pocket and won’t be in the way as you paddle. If you’re a dude and worried about a bulge showing….well, you may need counseling.

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