DIY Neoprene Headband

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving- there’s been waves here all this Thanksgiving week, but it’s been insanely windy, making it feel a lot cooler than normal. When the wind starts kicking up, the first thing to bother me are my ears, since when the wind hits them, it feels like it blows through my head *insert brainless blonde joke here*. I could wear a hood, but sometimes it’s just a little overkill, and feels a bit constricting.
I have a pair of neoprene shorts I replaced recently, so these are a good candidate for making the headband. They’re about 1 mm thick:

I used the back of one of the legs, since this will be a long enough and wide enough piece of neoprene for my big head headband.

Next, I used my rotary cutter to make a 4 inch wide headband. The length I used was about 16 1/4 inches, a snug fit for my bulbous head, but I don’t want it coming off in the surf, since it stretches. If you measure around your head, take an inch or two off of the measurement, since different types of neoprene stretch more than others, especially today’s modern neoprene.

Mine’s 16 1/2″ by 4″

Next, I’m going to get out my 4 lb test fishing line/ Fireline and a strong needle, ready to do a simple seam to join the headband:

For the headband, I cut the bottom into a bottle neck shape so it will narrow on the back of my head so I won’t have the extra bulk at my neck.

Bottom of the headband into a bottle neck shape.

I used a whipstitch on the seam, quite close together to ensure it won’t tear. You may wish to go back over the seam again, to ensure the strength, especially since it should be quite snug on your head.
Here’s the finished product on me:


It’s really warm over my ears, and I think it will work to block the wind well. Gotta keep the air in my head, ya know?

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