DIY Personalized Surf Wax

Making the rounds on the craft scene lately have been tutorials on how to create custom candles with some Sharpies, tissue paper and wax paper. I thought that was pretty cool, but I thought I would try it with surf wax. This could make a great gift for the holidays!
Just like I said before, I gathered white tissue paper, wax paper, some Sharpies, a bar of wax, and my hair dryer (a heat gun is even better and won’t get your fingers hot while holding the wax).

I cut a piece of tissue paper off, bigger than the bar of wax. Since I was using Sticky Bumps, I traced the outline of the two rectangles on the tissue:

This will be the area I can do my artwork. I then cut out the two rectangles and placed them on the wax directly. You may want to cut the rectangles a little smaller to let the wax on the wax paper melt around the edges, but it works OK if you cut them flush. I decided to keep it simple for this example:

Tissue rectangles laid onto the wax

Place a large piece of wax paper (waxy side down) on the top of the wax. Use a heat gun or hair dryer and heat the wax paper while holding it it down and in place. Don’t overheat the wax- you’re just trying to get the wax on the paper to melt just enough to seal in the tissue paper.
Here it is completed:

Wise surf saying…..

Of course, you can do this by running a piece of tissue paper taped to a sheet through an ink jet printer, and use photos to decor the wax.
Here’s a couple more designs I did, one on a candle, and one on another bar of surf wax:

After you’ve made these, you can put the wax back in the wrapper and tape it closed, if you were careful with the wrapper. This would be a neat surprise for the recipient- unless you put some nasty words on it. Don’t disrespect the wax that way… be nice!

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