Florida Palm Branch Christmas Tree

It never feels like the traditional holidays down here in Florida. No snow, no 20 degree temps (usually), and palm trees everywhere. I still wouldn’t trade living here for anything, so I wanted to embrace it by making a Florida Christmas Tree.
Many palm trees down here produce inflorescence, which looks kind of like a little branch with fruit protruding from the heart area of the palm:

From davesgarden.com- Palm inflorescence on the tree

I took the dying inflorescence off at the base of one of our big palms and let it dry out for several days. This results in a little tree shape that is quite sturdy. I took a mason jar and filled it with local beach sand and “planted” it. I also added some local shells around the top for some added flair.
I decorated the tree with lots of ornaments, ribbons, and LED lights. It really holds quite a bit, and has lots of little branches to hang things from.
Here’s my decorated “tree”:

It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas!

Super easy and Florida Festive!

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