Stink B Gone!

If you surf every day lately, you’re probably wearing a wetsuit down here. You may be lazy and not giving it a good rinse or washing it everyday, knowing you’re just turning around and going out the next morning. Or you’re just leaving it in your car, either way, giving it a good opportunity to become a ripe stink fest.
Here’s a no hassle solution to those situations that I’ve seen made commercially, but can be made for a few bucks.
To start, I used some basic cotton cloth that I preshrunk by washing on hot and drying on high. I ironed it well before using also:

Like the fabric? I got it from Etsy!
Next, I cut it into a rectangle shape:
14 1/2″ by 4 1/2″
I folded the fabric along the bottom edge, and sewed 1/2″ in along the side seams, clipped the seams close and clipped the corners, turned the piece inside out using a pointed stick to turn the corners, then ironed:

This is the fun part. I got out my activated charcoal I picked up at the big box store that I got in the pet supply section by the fish stuff. It cost me all of 6 bucks, and could probably fill about 3 of these hangers:

Next, I got out a funnel, stuck it in the top of the rectangle, and began to slowly fill the rectangle until it was about 4/5 full:

When it’s about 4/5 full, I stopped, cut a 1 foot length of 3/4″ grosgrain ribbon, looped it, placed it about an inch down into the opening and sewed the opening shut, sealing the contents in. Be careful not to spill the charcoal! It gets black dust everywhere!!!
Here it is hanging up, like it would be inside a suit, or in a closet:

The nice thing about cotton is that it’s quite permeable to let the charcoal work, and it won’t get funky when wet. You will probably need to replace the cotton at the end of the season from wear and tear, but it’s cheap enough, or you may even have scrap from old shirts laying around. To reactivate the charcoal, just let it sit out in the sun for a few hours, even while in the cotton is OK.
This would make a great surfer gift and would be great to use for storing a wetsuit long term.
One facet of your stinkiness, SOLVED!

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