A Surfer’s Stocking

Hanging a stocking is one of the traditions of Christmas. But to be honest, I’ve refused to wear proper shoes going on 15 years now here in Florida, and definitely no socks. As with a lot of surfers, the footwear of choice is the humble flip flop, slap, slippah, or however it’s known in that area of the world. I thought that would be a much better choice to make into a “stocking” for a surfer, and one that could hold a couple of bars of wax for a gift would be even better!
First, I got together my supplies: some craft store felt, colored heavy thread, scissors and some straight pins and my pattern printed out on an 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece of standard paper:
Flip Flop Pattern (it may not be the greatest sketch, but don’t use it commercially please)

Next, I cut 2 pieces out of the same colored felt of the sole of the shoe, and 1 of the thong part of the sole out of contrasting fabric by pinning the pattern to the felt:

First, I’m going to whip stitch the thong piece onto the sole. I positioned it, then pinned it onto the sole:

I used contrasting embroidery thread to stitch the thong down:

Next, I started to sew the 2 sole pieces together (right sides out) using a blanket stitch around the edge. I started just a little above where the thong starts on the instep as shown by the needle in the picture:

I proceeded to stitch all the way around the heel until I got to just above the other side of the thong strap. This will leave a top opening to put goodies in:

I still wanted to finish up the edges around the top of each sole, so I blanket stitched those top edges as well:

I then made a little hanger by cutting out a small rectangle, folding it in half, and stitching it onto the back of the stocking:

That’s it! Now you can fit a couple of bars of wax inside plus a cane:

Here’s some more stockings hung on a wall:

And just to answer your question, a chimera DOES NOT count as a hearth to hang your stocking off of. As for your second question, yes, it could possibly fit a Tallboy.

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