Wax Wrapper Art

Maybe you got a a lot of wax in your stocking this year- and a lot of those wrappers. If you got those long wrappers, like those on Sticky Bumps, you can make some pretty cool woven art if you’ve got some holiday time on your hands, so try this.
First, you’ll need some cardstock in a nice color, some tacky craft glue, an exacto knife, and a regular frame, in addition to several of your wax wrappers:

Next, cut your chosen color cardstock color (nice color in case it shows through!) to the size of the frame you’re going to use using the exacto knife. Be sure to do this on a surface that won’t be harmed by cutting through with a sharp knife:

After that, I started cutting my wax wrappers into about 1/8″ strips long ways- I admit I just guessestimated, but you may want to measure to feel more confident.

Cutting the Wax wrappers into strips

Starting from the middle of the cardstock, I started to weave the strips together by placing one strip diagonally down across the middle, securing it with a dot of glue in the center:

Next, I crossed another one with a dot of glue on top:

Picking a direction, I started to “weave” strips across the strip dotting some glue as I went. Note I made sure to overhang the strips over the rectangle of the cardstock:

I kept doing this in every direction:

When I covered the cardstock, I trimmed off the overhanging strips to match the size of the cardstock and sprayed it with a spray sealant to keep everything in:

Once that was done and dried, I was ready to mount the piece in the frame:

Kinda wild, if you ask me- you’d never know it came from wax wrappers unless you really looked. Takes a while, and a bit of patience, but a good way to recycle, and really fun to do! Trippy!

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