A Surfer’s Valentine Gift

Here’s a quick and easy Valentine’s gift to give the surfer in your life!
I used a plain t-shirt box (maybe you’ve got one left over from the Holidays), some cupcake liners, and a bit of red ribbon and 12 bars of wax to make a mock candy box with a bar of wax in each cupcake liner. I did add Valentine’s Hershey’s Kisses in between the liners to fill out the box and keep the wax from moving around. I even found a pink wax comb to add in to the box (not recommended for the insecure surfer).

An old Valentine’s heart shaped box would be even better, but get some wrapped chocolate to add back in between the wax- otherwise, your gift may be perceived as “Hey, chunky, instead of candy, looks like you could use some exercise. Perhaps surfing?”

2 thoughts on “A Surfer’s Valentine Gift

  1. A cake box is a great idea for a season's worth of wax for a frequent surfer! Use pieces of heavy white poster board to make divisions in the box keep the wax stacks from shifting around too much (and you won't need to add in candy as a filler.)


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